advanced rig tutorial?

Anybody knows about an advanced rig and character setup tutorial?
and props, backgrounds, creation and import order, workflows?

how toon boom animation studios rig their characters?
I know that they use Harmony of course, but a proper advanced rigging/workflow tutorial for animate PRO3 ( this is why is PRO right?)
can be very useful…
how they can animate action moves, fighting scenes, jumping, a lot of action!!

symbols? rig setup? style? hybrid classic/cut out??? anything!

I am planing to make a web-series, and I like to learn how to do a real, good studio rig setup is, if somebody have info, please share :slight_smile:

because, I am learning animation at 100%, I need a proper setup, so my webseries and future demoreel, can be at the same level than animation studios that use toon boom, and I can learn how studios work, how is their setup for US as animators, I just still don’t find a proper info.

I don’t care if is a paid dvd or a paid training or free youtube

I was looking for so long and never found an advanced information just basic info… very basic…this is why I left to learn autodesk maya… and yes I am doing a full training in 3d animation, and my plan is to learn 2d/animate pro3 too, at the same time. I just need advanced tutorials…

I use Animate Pro3

thanks a lot

this is a quick example, cut out but very nice action moves:
lucky fred

Well, if you haven’t yet gone through the free Toon Boom video tutorials yet you should start with them:

For paid tutorials you might want to check out Digital Tutors’ Toon Boom Harmony series:

Yes and yes :slight_smile:

looks that the only way is check frame by frame and do a
inverse engineering…

thanks guitarist…


finally one full video about rigging, yes is for harmony…but something we can learn…

the only missing link:

I think is to make a lot of symbols from different views, front, back, left, right, 3/4, jumping, etc etc etc, mmmm I continuing my investigation, maybe I will rig my character using my storyboard as a guide, so I can know what parts of my characters I need to draw for every pose and every scene, I don’t want to full my library with unused symbols…jejeje

double checking animate pro tutorials…again…

Just a suggestion… I would not use symbols at all. I find it complicates the rigging process. If you want to make reusable views, actions etc you can make templates of these things instead of symbols. There is a template series of videos to watch.

If you follow the rigging tutorials you will know what I mean. They don’t use symbols at all.

I wrote this in the tips and tricks section a little while ago about rigging a character and making templates:

First you make a master template of your character which includes all the character views: front, 3qtr, side, back etc. Once you’ve made this master template you make head templates of the front head, 3qtr head, side head etc. Now, if your character is facing the side and you want to animate him turning his head to the front you just need to drag and drop your characters front head template from the library onto its head peg in the timeline. This will switch the entire head including eyes, nose mouth etc (provided you have rigged the head with all features attached to the head peg).

Check out “Importing symbols and templates”. Around 1 min 30 secs in she shows you exactly what you want to do:

Then I would watch the Rigging Part 1 and Rigging part 2 videos which go through rigging the character in detail.

It’s important that your character is rigged properly for the templates to work. You can only drag and drop a template if it’s rigged identically to the character you’re trying to use it on.

And then maybe watch the templates tutorial

thanks a lot dessiebabe !!!

nice information about symbols and templates, I will check it out!

no problem :slight_smile:

If you rig a character following along with the above rigging tutorials everything will be a lot clearer. Then you can come at us with more questions :slight_smile: