Advanced or premium?


I am basically new to Harmony. I want to use it to create my animations for TV quality. Currently I am using essentials to learn and educate myself but I realized that I have to switch to either advanced or premium.

Is there a big difference between the two version? cause the price is pretty much different and I want to be sure if I have to get Premium or not?

I will appreciate your advice.


Hello Maral,

The easiest way to see the difference between versions is by using this section of our website:

If you are looking to get into rigging, we highly recommend our node view, which is only available in Premium. If you are more of a traditional/paperless animation, we think Advanced would be a good fit for you. More complex features such as scripting, 3d object manipulation and compositing are also mostly limited to Premium.

Thank for you downloading our product and best of luck on your learning journey! We highly recommend our free Learn Portal available over at when getting started with our software!

premium or bust.

i don’t do a single project that doesn’t use the node compositing system, including still images for print. usually i do quite a bit of compositing within harmony regardless of the project, stuff that would be impossible/irritating to do in software like photoshop or illustrator or even after effects. getting 4 sub-layers per drawing object, each of which can be independently stacked, multiplied, reordered, and re-routed (and more!) via the node system is tremendously useful. so many problem-solving possibilities.

harmony isn’t harmony to me w/o the node compositor. it is in my opinion the most unique and powerful aspect of the software.