Advanced auto lip sync

Hi, I’ve looked everywhere on this topic and came up with very little. Every video that I have watched just has a face that is still and they lip sync it like that, none use a moving figure.
So i was wondering if there was a way to place the same symbol on another frame in a different place of the same scene. Like if I was animating a person walking, keeping the same mouth position. I would need to animate the mouth being placed in a different position on each frame. Every time I do so it affects all the other frames symbols. I’ve been duplicating drawings in order to do so, but by the end of my 2200 frames I will have a ton of symbols, is there an easier way to do so?

It’s done in Toon Boom Studio, but the basic principal applies to Animate / Harmony as well.

Here is the Tutorial:
(No sound, it’s all fairly simple and straight-forward)

Here is the final movie:

Mapping Lip-Sync in Animate: