Advanced Art Mode

I have been using Animate 2 PLE for a few weeks now and feeling pretty good about the program. I am evaluating it for my office.

But I feel really lost about the Advanced Art Mode and how to use it properly. The user guide is not much help.

I could live without it I’m sure but it sounds like a powerful tool.

Are there any basic tutorials covering this topic?



You can watch the Animate Training Videos. This topic is covered in them.
Chapter 6: Drawing Basics.

The main idea is that inside your drawing you can have 2 separated layers.
Most people use them to draw the lines on one layer and fill the colour zones on the other one.

As for the User Guide, I would be interested in getting some more feedback. What would you have liked to see in it that would have been more helpful to you?

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I just watched the video and now understand the basics of it.

Why I would want to take these extra steps is still unclear to me, and editing the artwork seems more difficult.

I guess I want to see a real world example.

I’ll keep using it, but it seems like an unnecessary hassle.


Originally this option was made for traditional animation.
When you have a large series of drawings to ink and paint, especially if you have to paint some portions of the lines, it becomes actually quite handy to have your lines separated from the colour zones.

If you draw with textured lines (available in PRO only), you will want your colour zones to go under the textured lines since those are often transparent and have feathered edges. So, at that point, you paint in the Colour Art.

In cut-out animation, you can use those layers to your advantage such as creating patch articulations.

In Animate, it is an option that is less used. That is why it is an Advanced mode. You really do not have to use it. You can do everything in regular mode without any issue.

Hope this helps!


Yes that’s helpful.

The “patch articulations” you mention sounds like a good use of this tool.

I’ll keep at it.



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It is helpful. Thanks.



Very helpful Marie-Eve. Thanks!

I had the same questions about Advanced Art Mode. It would be great if what you said was in the training video 06DrawingBasics and 24AdvancedPainting.

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