Advanced animation toolbar - Reposition Drawing tool.

Hi there,

I am using Harmony Advanced Ver 12.2

It says in the online help that this tool exists.

But I can’t find it.



There is a customize option for the tool bars where you can add other tools.

Thanks for your reply. I did try that but…
the advanced animation toolbar has customize grayed out.
This is in context to other bars which I am able to customize.
Investigation seems this option is window specific, ie toolbars in the drawing window may not have customize grayed out
while the same toolbar place in a different window it is not present.
This whole concept much like many things in this package make the ticket price unwarranted as they are not what I’d call finished.
Maya has been the same quirky shit bag for years.
Thanks again.

You should see 7 icons in the Advanced Animation toolbar. The last one, which looks like 2 pivots overlapping, is the Reposition Drawing tool. It should be there without having to customize anything.

Nope 6 icons.
Thanks for your help but it isn’t there. Perhaps something that looks similar in the function editor.

Good evening,

This is a documentation error. The Reposition Drawing tool is only available in Harmony Premium.

Also, top toolbars cannot be customized. This is only for view toolbars.

Apologizes for the documentation fix. It has been fixed in the 24 release.