Advanced animation Question?

I’m new to Toon Boom and animation as a whole. I create high end mining presentations currently. While I see clearly how some animation techniques will help my work in the future, I have one question if I may please? While doing research, I noted a waterdrop animation that shows up on Youtube for Animate Pro. Within this little animation, there are a few scenes of mapping and then 3d terrain. This 3d terrain series of frames has me most interested. In it, the view keeps changing and the water drop path arrows appear to flow along a continual path throughout. I need this for many reasons. I already own the software that made the 3d terrain background, but does anyone know what methods and or commands that were used to do the arrows in this manner? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time and effort.


About 50 secs into the timeline is the effect I need to replicate.

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Do you have a link to the YouTube video you’re talking about, so we can take a look and see how to help you?


If you’re using Animate Pro, then you don’t have access to the 3D import directly, so first you’ll have to render out an image sequence of the 3D plane.

Then, you need to animate the arrows over time. It’s something that you can do a frame-by-frame animation on, or perhaps a morph. If you’re considering using Harmony 9, then you’ve got a really handy Deform tool that would make the arrow animation really easy to do.