Adobe products?

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I am new to the Toom Boom products, having recently purchased Animate to develop an animation that we will first publish on the web and then go for television. My question is, are there any Adobe products that I would require/need (Flash, Photoshop, etc), or can Animate really do it all? I do have a copy of Photoshop Elements which looks like it will do anything that I would need for .psd files.

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Main tool you may want to acquire would be an editing software to put your movie together after render (such as Premiere). This being said other editing tool that may be cheaper would also do the trick, if you plan your project properly something as simple as QuickTime Pro could do the trick.

Also if you do want to use bitmap material Photoshop would be a good asset to have since we do not have any bitmap editing capability inside of Animate.

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Thanks for the information Ugo.