Adobe flash retirement

So I used to use .swfs for my animation but after learning that abode flash is being retired soon I switched to movie files (and it’s better than .swf) I was wondering what replaces adobe flash these days, and how would toonboom adapt if it has not already?

Thanks very much

Hello Drpocky,

Harmony 17 does support importing .SWF files, if you have work done in that file type already and you would like to import it. However, there are best practices that we recommend checking your file for before importing, and you can find that info here:

As for what replaces the .SWF file type: A lot of modern websites (such as Youtube) have switched to HTML5 integration. Harmony itself can export .MOV, .mp4 and .wmv files, which are all pretty standard video file types. You can find more information about how to export your videos here: