Adjusting zDepth of a composite Image

Hello all!

Currently I am working on a shot where a character is placed within a scene set up with the multiplane camera. Various layers of the scene will move behind and in front of the character.

My issue is that once I apply the highlight and shadow effects on my character, the image is flattened regardless of my composite node settings and the zDepth is set to black. Therefore my character is placed behind the rest of the scene.

Is there possibly a way to alter the zDepth of the flattened image so that it will display properly. I am not concerned about maintaining the different values of the body and two wings, as the character is combined correctly up to this composite node. I just need this image, with its effects, placed back between the other layers.

I have tried using an apply peg transformation node with a separate peg, but even with the “maintain size” option selected, the character gets larger if I move it towards the camera.

Is there a solution for this is Toon Boom?

Please and Thank You!



I have found an acceptable workaround where I separated the layers that will go over the character from their original composition, and applying them later down in my node chain. However, if there is still a way to manually adjust zDepth values I would love to know, as it would allow a lot more flexibility in my workflow.