Adjusting X,Y & Z positions for individual drawing substitutions

I’m doing character turnarounds using the conventional method of doing the Fill Selection option of layers to create new parameters detailed on, but one important thing I haven’t seen specified in the videos I’ve watched is how to alter axis elements (X, Y, and especially Z) on a drawing substitution without also altering the other substitutions.

For example, when I have a character in their default 3/4 view, they may have a lock of hair behind their visible head, but from the front view, I’d like to be able to take the new substitution for that lock and have it appear in front of the head without making the 3/4 version do the same.

What tools can be used to achieve this effect?


I think the common way to solve this is through keying the coordinates (peg or drawing depending on your setup). You will end up having a different frame per view with different values for the animation keys. The rig in the node view is defined to work by default in one view (or maybe a combination of views) but it can be customize with keys to create the rest of view angles.

This frames can be, later on, stored as templates in the library so you can bring the right keys to position the character at the right angle by just drag and drop the template in the timeline.

If it is only one specific substitution, the one changing z, then you need to key manually everytime you choose that specific drawing (unless you play with separating the layers in the node view and having the i.e. overlay layer in a higher z). Or have that as a template with the z coordinate stored along with the drawing.

There are other rigging styles but I am not familiar with them. I don’t know about this specific method you are referring to, but I hope this will help or at least do not create more confusion :slight_smile: