Adjusting tint and alpha on copied element.

Ok, I just typed out a whole big message and pressed RESET FORM instead of POST. So I’ll make it to the point. I have an element in my scene that is copied many times. What I would like to do is give the elements in the background more of a tint so that they appear further away. However, i can’t seem to find how to give a copied object a tint. The only way I know how is to go into DRAWING aspect and do it but that would make changes in ALL the copies of that element which is what I don’t want.
I hope this is understandable.
Any help is greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

The only way I know of to do something like this is to, in the drawing grid screen, draw the selection box around the figure and “copy” from the edit menu or shortcut.
Go to a new empty cell, touch your pen back into the drawing grid area and “paste” - this will keep the same layout for your art but it is a new “drawing” with it’s own number.

For example, if your element was CAT and you copied CAT-1 in the drawing area to anew new cel, it would look the same but would be CAT-2. That way you can recolor CAT-2 without affecting all of the other CAT-1 frames.

I was goping nuts until I figured out how to do this. Now I’ve got it to where I can drag and drop basic figures into empty cels and do what i want to without harming the predecessors.

Click on the cel that has the drawing you want to copy
select the drawing in the drawing grid area and copy
CLick on new empty cel
CLick back onto the drawing grid area and then paste
Make changes as a new frame of the element.

You don’t have to copy artwork from a drawing

You can copy it from a timeline/xsheet and Paste it as a new object - Ctrl+Shift+V by default


Just press Ctrl+Shift+D in timeline/xsheet - it will make a copy of you drawing as a new one

but it will still have same color and if you change alpha it will change alpha in the original drawing/element