Adjusting sound volume at a given frame?

OK, sorry if I may be posting totally stupid questions, but bare with me…

I can’t figure out how to adjust the volume handles at a given frame in the Sound Element Editor.

Say I want to have the volume of my character’s footsteps fade out from frame 143 (because he’s slowly exiting the scene).
So, I open the Sound Element Editor but the two views of the sound give me two different timing criteria. The upper window gives me time in frames but has no volume handles. The lower one, which has the volume handles, shows time only in seconds.
How can I know where to pull on the volume handles if I don’t know where frame 143 is?

Unless I’m totally missing some option, I can’t see a quick way to pin down the exact spot I want in the lower view of the sound.

PS this for me begs an obvious question: why doesn’t Animate have a time counter?? It would be the most basic, simplest and handiest of references.

The one on top is mostly for lip-sync. So you need to use the one below. If you click the sound element window, the sound wave form also shows below. If you want to fade in/out, you need to first click around blue line on the bottom of window to have little white block (key frame). Since there is no key frame from the first frame, you need to create 2 key frames. For example, if you want to have sound fade out on frame 143, you can create first key frame on 140 for example depends on the timing and then 143. And then bring it down for left and right sound for fade out. Just let you know that you can have up to 8 key frames. To remove the key frame, select it and drag it out to top or bottom far from window to remove. For the time counter. Is it for frame counts or time counts? If it is for the frame, I think it maybe there in elearning section or you can create one with Photoshop or in Animate and put it in the template library so that it can be reused.