Adjusting sound levels on audio tracks

I can’t seem to adjust my sound levels on my animatic. I use SBP 4.1
I right click on the soundtrack I want to adjust and click show volume but the blue line doesn’t appear and no amount of right clicking will bring up the sound bar and the little squares to adjust the audio track. Any solutions?

I don’t have SB to experiment with. In addition to the following excerpt have you read everything in this section of the user guide?

To display and adjust the volume levels of a sound clip:

  1. From the top menu, select Sound > Show Waveform. This option must be set first.
  2. To enable the Show Volume Envelope option, do one of the following:
    ‣ At the bottom of the Timeline view, click the menu button and select Show Volume.

‣ From the top menu, select Sound > Show Volume Envelope
‣ In the Timeline view, right-click in the audio track area of the Timeline view and select Show Volume.
‣ In the Sound toolbar’s extra buttons, click the Show Volume Envelope button.
A blue line, indicating the sound level, is displayed for each sound sequence. White squares mark the points at which the sound changes to a new level.

  1. Hold down the [Alt] key and click the line to add a new marker. A plus sign (+) on the cursor indicates that a keyframe will be added. You can add an unlimited number of volume keyframes.

  2. Drag an existing marker to adjust the volume at a specific frame. When you drag a volume keyframe, a box appears displaying the current dB level.

  3. Hold [Alt] and click an existing volume keyframe to delete it. A minus sign (-) on the cursor indicates that the marker will be deleted.

The slope of the line indicates how quickly the sound changes from one level to another. If the slope is steep, the change is abrupt. If the slope is less inclined, the volume changes at a more gradual rate.

If the blue lines are not showing at all, right-click the
audio track in the timeline and make sure there’s a
checkmark on “Show Volume”.

Try hitting the ctrl key while clicking the blue line to
make the control points appear.

In order to adjust the volume of an audio track you first have to click on the very first tool (Sound Scrubbing) on the bottom of the screen (under your audio track names (A1, A2, A3, etc…). This allows you to make a mark on the blue line on your audio file (the volume line). By placing many of these marks, you are able to pull one mark down while leaving another at a higher level. This gives you control of what sounds you are hearing. Hope this helps!

I tried this but the marks do not appear…

Make sure that the speaker icon in the playback toolbar is clicked. I had the same issue and I looked all over for an answer. When I found it I felt pretty stupid, but to be fair they never cover it in the tutorial videos.