Adjusting Nudge Amount

Is there any way to adjust the nudge amount?

Alt + nudge is way to small

nudge is often too much

shift + nudge is enormous

Is there any way to control this?

Animate 2 PLE

I neglected to mention I was in the top view and moving in the Z direction.

nudge moves by 1
shift-nudge moves by 10
alt-nudge moves by .001

zooming in has no effect on these numbers.

What am I missing?

Just tried it again and now I’m getting the results you describe.

I’m not sure what I’m doing different, but at least it’s working.


Just a couple of things regarding nudge.

The arrow keys (up, down, left, right) will nudge the object around the screen by a small increment.

Shift + the arrow keys will nudge the object around by a larger increment.

These nudges depend on how far you’re zoomed in - they nudge based on the screen space. So if you zoom in really far, it’ll nudge it a smaller amount in your camera view, if you zoom out a lot, it will nudge it more.

Alt+Up and Alt+Down is a completely separate thing - this nudges backwards and forwards in Z space. This nudges the layers by the smallest possible increment and this amount cannot be changed.


Using Animate 2, when I zoom into the top view and I do a nudge, the zoom does affect the amount of nudge that is done. Where are you seeing those particular values - in your Coordinate toolbar?

For me when I have it fairly zoomed out, an Up or Down arrow movement will move it by .06 - whereas if I zoom in a lot, and do the same Up or Down arrow, it moves it by .0007

I’m not sure exactly what you’re missing. You’re using the transform tool, right?