Adjusting line thickness

hello! working in harmony advanced.

for my next project, i’m going to create rigs to re-use throughout. but my main question is how do i keep my line size consistent whenever scaling the rig bigger/smaller (i.e., a character closer to the camera, or far away). i know rick and morty is animated in toon boom, and they’re obviously using very complicated cut-out characters/rigs. how do they keep their line size consistent when re-sizing those rigs? is it a difference between drawing the rig with the pencil tool or brush tool? thank you in advance.

To do that all your lineart will have to be done in pencil. You can control the size of all lines by selecting any or all layers and using the script tb_edit_linethickness (comes with harmony in scripting), and then connecting selected layers to a controller.

hey thanks!

is that a script that only comes with harmony premium? i’ve checked my scripts and can’t find it anywhere.

Ah might be a harmony premium only script, sorry I never used the lower versions.

is there any way to use that script in a lower version?

Can’t say. Email support and ask them about doing the above on the lower version. You likely can do the same by making one drawing a controller in properties and sharing its info, and then connecting line width for all the drawings manually (albeit this will take a while to do by hand).

contacted support and they sent me the .js. thanks for your help!!

Cool to hear!