Adjusting Layer Transparency

Is it possible to adjust the transparency of a layer? This is useful to set a bg layer further back visually. Also when using the draw behind function I find that sometimes I want to add multiple colors behind a black character line. Unfortunately after I draw the first color any color I add will then be drawn behind the last color and so on. What I would prefer would be to draw with a black line then draw behind that black line with multiple colors that would overwrite each other. Is this possible or do I just need to create another layer to accomplish this?Is there anyway to approximate a nice airbrush look?Finally is there anyway to create a blur effect on a layer?Thanks

Hi,Concerning the layer transparency this is not something that we have in the software at the moment but would be something to consider in future versions of it.Concerning the layering in the drawing for the draw behind what you could consider is to draw your black line first then create a new layer underneath to do your coloring. Once you are happy with the result you can actually merge the layer to create a single one out of the 2 which.As for the airbrush thing you might be able to reproduce this with texture pen though be aware those are very heavy which will results in slowdowns in the interactions with the panels.As for the blur this is not an available option for the moment.Best regards,Ugo