Adjusting Contrast/Opacity on Underlay Layer to allow easier Inking/Clean-up

Hey, I’m using Harmony Advanced for a traditional-style workflow. I’m doing my rough keys and breakdowns on the Underlay Layer, then coming back to do clean-up/inking on my keys in the Line Art layer. Then I do the inbetweens, followed by coloring… etc.

Just wondering if there’s an easy way to turn down the contrast on the Underlay layer when i reach the inking/clean-up phase, so that I can better see my inking lines. For right now I’ve been repainting my Underlay layers but I’m wondering if this is the most time-efficient way.

I think the best way to work with the underlay for rough art is using vector, picking up a colour line with some transparency. You can change the rough colour making it more transparent when drawing on the line art layers, and you can simply make the line disappear if you want after cleaning up, by changing the alpha value of the rough line colour.

Otherwise, you can work on separate layers. That way when doing your line on the clean layer the rough layer will be automatically washed up when activating the light table. But you can also go to Layer Properties, Advanced Tap and control its Opacity.

Luis Canau

click command or control A on the rough sketches layer and select the selection tool go to the color palettes and select select a different color like gray or a color with high or low contrast based on what will help you the most when drawing over the sketches but on your final drawing layer of course, you can also just make your sketches with a gray color so that when you make your final drawings you won’t have to bother changing the color on the sketches