Adjust Levels/greyscale of a character at once

Hi, is it possible to adjust all the colors of a character at once, using a global slider similar to the way Animate allows all the colors of a palette to be changed quickly to create a night version of a character – sort of like Photoshop’s Levels adjustment can quickly change the greyscale of all greys painted on a layer of a character? Quickly changing the greyscale of elements within a scene is a technique used in the Photoshop-centric workflow of this Storyboard tutorial DVD: versions of Storyboard Pro could easily incorporate such greyscale tools…just a wish list, although it is great for now too : )

Hi,For the moment the closest thing you could get to that would be to set a new color pot using the level of color you want, then select your element and click on that color pots and it will automatically repaint all of the selected elements.This being said that would need to be done on a color by color base. I will forward this request to our RnD department to analyze for future releases of the software.Best regards,Ugo