Adjacent identical drawings showing up as different drawings on timeline

I wasn’t exactly sure how to describe this issue so I have attached an image to explain it.

In Animate Pro, if I had moved two identical drawings adjacent to each other on the timeline (by deleting frames or copy and pasting, for example) then the vertical line between them would disappear, showing that the drawings were all the same. But now I’m finding in Harmony Premium that this does not happen. My timeline might appear to show many different drawings, but they are in fact the same drawing.

Am I doing something wrong - or is there some setting I have neglected?

Thanks in advance.


Hi pwatts,

have a look on this and things will become clear:


Ah, yes - that makes it perfectly clear - thank you!

I must say I preferred it the old way, but I’ve probably picked up bad habits in my workflow. What I’d like is a remove ‘unnecessary’ key exposure command - one where you just select the whole timeline and it basically joins up the identical drawings and removes the key exposures. But like I said, maybe my workflow is dodgy!

Anyway, thanks again Stefman.


the remove ‘unnecessary’ key exposure command allready exists. :slight_smile:

It’s called ‘Remove Duplicate Key Exposure’. And you can acces it via a Right Click on your selected drawing keys in the Timeline:

And even better, you can customize the ‘Timeline View’ menu and add the button.


Woo hoo! Excellent! Thanks for your help. :slight_smile: