Additive/Subtractive Colours

Hi there,

I’m new to this place, but have a years experience with ToonBoom V2 at my University.

Now the cameras/pegs were the last thing I managed to get my head round of last year, but I want to try out this whole additive/subtractive colours gimmick for my 2D animation I’m doin rite now.

Lookin thru the tutorials, it talks about it, but doesn’t actually say how to do it :frowning:

So how do I do it? And does it effect the whole scene etc?

I have the Colour Transform bar in the Sceneplanning mode set up from Frame A-B but don’t want to do next.

Any advice would be much apprenciated! :slight_smile:


I presume this is very well explained in the Toon Boom Studio V3.5 User Guide,
page 300 onwards.

If you like here are some more readings about “Fundamentals of Colour-Appearance”
and “Blending Modes” just for information:


No offence dude, but I wrote that I was using Version 2 of ToonBoom…

All I want to know is how to use the additive/subtractive colour element to change the colours from light to dark in a scene in the Sceneplanning mode.

It’s probably common knowledge but I need to know!

Thanx again in advance. 8)