Adding transitions to an animatic

I’m brand new to Storyboard Pro, and am using the trial version download. So far, I love it, but I’m having a problem figuring something out - I’m trying to add short dissolves between the panels in my animatic, but it isn’t allowing me to do so. Upon further reading, it appears that you can’t add transitions between panels within the same scene. Is this correct?
If it is, how does one break up panels within the same scene so they read as separate scenes?

Hi Oarsman1,

At this time, indeed, it is not possible to transition between panels of a same scene. You would have to break your panels into separated scenes.
You could always name your individual scenes: 1, 1_A, 1_B, etc. or you could group your individual scenes in Sequences.

Hope this helps!


Thanks so much for your help, Marie-Eve. I did figure it out after some exploring.
Very cool to work with this software. I wish that I had started with it years ago.


Excellent to hear! :slight_smile: