Adding sounds that don't begin in frame 1

I have an issue that I have found a work around, but would like to know if this is something that would need a fix…

I created a simple 1 layer animation that is 80 frames long. (File 1)

I add 1 sound layer.
I modify the sound layer to change the starting frame from 1 to 35.

I play the animation. Looks and sounds great.

I export the animation to an *.mov. Looks and sounds great.

I created another animation and exported it as a *.mov file. (File 2).

I then use a third party software to combine the two *.mov files together. The sound from file 1 of the merged movie of the two files wants to start now in Frame 1, not in Frame 35 of which I changed it to.

I found two ways around this:

1) Using Quicktime Pro as the program to combine the two files together. Seeing that quicktime is used in toonboom to export the files in the first place, it makes sense that using Quicktime Pro to combine the files would not mess up the sound.

2) In file 1 within ToonBoom, import another sound track. Modify that sound to begin and end in frame 1 and move the volume lever all the way to left so no sound is heard. Now export the file as a *.mov. Repeat the steps by using any third party software other than Quicktime Pro to merge the *.mov files together and the 1st sound in File 1 begins playing on frame 35 as designed.

Is Toonboom aware of this issue? Are these the only two workarounds I mentioned above?

I know that if I export the animation as a *.swf there is no issue, but *.swf can’t handle all effects.

I know that if I export the animation as a *.flv there is no issue, but *.flv is limited on jpeg quality. When I have a lot of fast moving objects with effects in my animation, the *.flv output for some reason gets blurred.

Thank you!


No, the sound plays where it should at frame 35 with original mov. It is only when I combined the mov with another mov that the 3rd party software shifts the audio track to frame 1. I used a free software called ‘Free AVI/MPEG/WMV//MP3/FLV Video Joiner’. I tried a couple of other third party applications and they do the same thing. As I stated, so far only using Quicktime Pro will maintain the audio. I am assumming this because Quicktime is used to export the scene from Toon Boom in the first place.

Toom Boom must recommend software to combine the mov outputs, correct? If I make a 10 minutes cartoon, having the entire scene in one project is too big to work with, so it must be broken down into smaller scenes. Thus there must be some sort of application that Toon Boom should recommend to join the files together, right?

Don’t really know anything about the “workings” of the “Free Video Joiner”…
But, If you don’t like to use QuickTime Pro…?

Check out Movie Maker for Windows:
Or, iMovie for Mac:
(those, I guess, providing pretty good editing and exporting possibilities)

Otherwise, there are many more choices, depending on budget and operational system:


Thanks for your reply, Nolan. I have tried the Windows Live Movie Maker. It either won’t accept the different video compressions or if it does, plays the audio on frame 1 instead of frame 35. I will try some other software. I guess what I am really looking for is an answer on whether this is an issue that should be fixed in Toom Boom and not so much finding software other than Quicktime Pro that will not mess up the audio.


Well, haven’t used Windows Movie Maker yet, but, I am fairly surprised that you have such issues with this software…

Personally I use Video Editors (iMovie / Final Cut Express / Final Cut Pro X…
for many years now without any problems regarding footage and sound…

You might like and try another approach to your workflow…?
Export your movie or image sequence from Animate without sound…
Then combine movie and sound-file in your favorite Video-Editor…
Here you can experiment with the position of your movie- and sound-files to your heart’s content…


Problem for me is that Toon Boom uses quicktime *.mov which is an apple product. The best video editors for *.mov’s as you mentioned are also apple products for the MAC. I am running Windows. Thanks for you input.

Well, I was aware that you’re using Windows…

Personally, I don’t see any problem that Toon Boom is using QuickTime…
Works for years perfectly for most user, Windows and Macintosh alike…

Even as a long time Mac user myself, I have to disagree that those Applications
I mentioned are the “best” Video Editors…

Don’t underestimate the power and usefulness of all those Windows Video Editors…
like Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas, Pinnacle Studio… and many more…

Some Windows user on this forum might be so kind and chime in with their opinions…


In the past, I used Nero but it is outdated. I just downloaded a free trial of Nero version 11. I tried it out and it keeps my audio track in tact. I think I am going to go with Nero softare. Thanks again!

I’m not aware of this issue. When you play the original mov, with the sound on frame 35, does the sound play at frame 1? Or is it only when you try to combine them?

Which third party software are you using? Maybe it’s a bug on that end?