Adding Pegs vs Adding Pivots.

Im watching Digital Tutors guides, and I’m at the Adding Pegs part, I notice that Pegs are less hassle when switching with a drawing substitution(lets say a closed fist instead of a open hand), when u switch to a new Drawing substitution, your pivot will be gone and have to set another pivot, I have not tried this yet, cause I want to watch the whole guides first before I do a hands on.

Did I explained it clear enough? I will provide a screen shot if its too hard to understand, also how do I import a a template/drawing? its just a drawing for 2D animation.

Hey MiiNiiW,

your observation is correct. If you use the pivot of a drawing you need to set it for every single hand drawing (better copy via paste special > update drawing pivots). This is necessary if your rig has different views and your arms switch drawings and position depending on the angle.
If you have only one view or your rig is made that way that you can get other views just by sliding stuff around or you have a huge amount of drawing substitutions you can give the peg a fixed pivot (make sure not to touch the pivot of the single drawings). This way every new drawing already has the pivot at the right spot.

You can make templates by dragging layers into the library. Make sure that you right click the desired library and click right to modify first. In another file you can drag it into the timeline or stage. When you make templates for rigs you have to differentiate between master and action templates.
Importing pictures works differently, you do that via the File>Import dialog.