Adding PEG


I try to add a Peg via the plus sign in the timeline (Camera/Colour-Card/ Drawing/Group/Peg/Quadmap/Sound). After clicking Peg the Message “Cannot add Peg in this Display mode. Change to Display All mode”.
If i add the peg via the seperate button “Add Peg” the Peg will be added.
What is the difference ?


Hi josefP

Here is the fairytale version.

If I am not remembering wrong. Think I’ve heard it is a restriction in the software to make sure you don’t add a lot of pegs in pure frustration.
If you could add a peg without the pegs showing up in the timeline, one would easily think that no peg is added. Then out of pure frustration add a lot of pegs without knowing. Then later the network view would be quite a mess.With loose pegs all over the place. Thats why the software reminds you to be in the right view mode. Or select an element in the timeline and add a peg directly to it with the button.


You can add a peg even if you are not in Display All mode but it is mandatory to have an element selection. This way, the peg addition will be “attached” to the rest of the network, visible in the timeline. The peg will be added as a parent to the select element. The selected element will become its child.

If there was no selection, it would mean the peg would be added floating alone in the scene… invisible to the timeline… Polluting the network…

The message you saw was created to prevent this scenario.



Hello and thanks for the answers.

Yes, i can add the peg with the button add peg and in the network.
Via the Plus sign it isnt possible. If the program informs me to switch to “display all”, i dont know what all is meant. All Layers, all in the network. Where is this misterious “display all” ?!?!?!?


Now i have tried the same in Toon Boom Animate Pro 2, there it works correct with the plus sign and the selection PEG.


After searching the preferences i have found the correct settig (Advanced/Advanced Display set to enabled), which will show an new selector to select the different display modes. After selection DISPLAY ALL the peg can also be added via the plus sign.

Thanks and greetings from Salzburg/Austria,

It is not recommended to actually work in “Display All” mode. This is just a special mode that is there to help you find elements that you have disconnected from the network.

It is always better to create a full network structure in the network view and then set the display to the display module name that is attached to the final composite module.

You can have other display modules attached to key compositing nodes to spot-check what is happening at the different parts of your network. You can then use the display selector to see the results at these locations.