Adding patches to previously created templates

Hi Everyone,

               If I add more patches to fix a joint after having already created and used  templates for a character in an animation.. will they still work when I drop them into the timeline? 

Exactly what things can I still change on a character template even after beginning animation and which things must be finalized before I begin animating?

I’m still getting my head around Harmony, but you might look into making your character a symbol, or several symbols. That way, any changes to your symbol will be updated with anywhere you used it in that scene. This is from the Harmony Help site, I wonder if this would be the way you could begin animating, then see you had to tweak something, and make your tweak on the symbol and it would update everywhere your character was used…

“When you import a symbol from the library to the Timeline view it is linked to the original symbol in the library. If you import a symbol into your scene several times in the Timeline view, they will all be linked to the original symbol. If you modify one, they will all be modified.”