Adding objects from Library

When I add an object to my scene from the Library, it automatically sets a key on frame 1. Is there any way to change this to have the key set at the current time in the timeline? Everytime I bring something in, I have to go all the way back to the beginning and drag the keyframe to where I want it to be.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

It’s probably because you have a keyframe on frame 1 in your template. When you drag and drop things in the Camera View, it brings them in exactly the way they are inside the template.

It may simply be faster to just set a keyframe on the current frame, then go back and remove the one at the beginning later.

Or you can save it without a keyframe. If you’re bringing in an object or character that has a hierarchy, though, I wouldn’t recommend this. Creating a keyframe ensures that all the functions are created properly for all the layers.