adding new layer in Timeline: always at bottom?

When I select a layer in the timeline and use any of the “Add a Drawing Layer” methods, it adds a new drawing layer to the bottom of the list, not above the layer I had selected. I also can’t drag that new layer to where I wanted it, or anywhere else except into an existing group of layers. Is this normal?

Are you on Animate or Animate Pro. In Pro you can slide the cable that goes in the Composite module to the right or left to change the order.

In Animate try moving the layer up or down and notice insertion line that appears and the vertical line that gives you an idea if you are about to drop in the group or outside the group.

Thanks Steve. I’m in Animate Pro. Isn’t there an easy way to designate where the new layer will appear when you use the “Add Drawing Layer” button? For me the new drawing element module shows up in the Network View way off to the left out of view without any cables. So I have to drag the module over to the “onion”, pull a cable from it and attach it to the Composite.

I can’t see the point of having an “Add Drawing Layer” button in the Timeline View if it means having to go to the Network View to arrange things, before being able to begin drawing.

There is no way to change where the new layers come but yours are coming as unconnected and at the bottom because your Display setting is Display All. Use the Display instead then it will connect it to the Composite and put it above.

In general I think it’s better to use the Display because then it makes sure the new layer is connected so that you can see it in the Timeline.

That’s interesting it does that for you, if I select a layer, and then click on the button to add a new drawing layer, it always puts it above the current layer. It would be nice to have a right mouse button context menu with option like “New Layer above current layer”, “New Layer below current layer”, etc.

Thank you Steve!! You solved the mystery. I must have had it set to Display when I was doing the tutorials and then at some point set it to Display All just to experiment, not knowing that it would have that effect.