Adding new drawings in Drawing Substitution Window

ok, I hope I’m able to explain this correctly. I did a puppet animation and aftward added additional parts to the animation. I want to make those additional drawings selectable in the drawing substitution window that is apart of the original drawing layers selectable parts. Is that possible to do?

It is possible. There are a number of things to be aware of. Part 2 of this Tip of the Week has the specific information you are looking for but to fully understand everything you should watch both from beginning to end.

Tip of the Week Master Templates Part 1:

Tip of the Week Master Templates Part 2:

Also Harmony 11 has operational changes to consider:

Tip of the Week #55
Swapping Drawings in Harmony 11

Harmony 11 How to Create Templates

Thank you o0Ampy0o for replying to my inquiring. I watched all 3 videos twice. I’m using Harmony 10 and I’m fairly new to puppet animation. The drawings that I cut up were done in photoshop when I initially rigged the character. I just want to be sure that I can access the new drawings the same way. Thank you again for your much needed help.