Adding Movable features (such as eyes/mouth) to a Skeleton character

Hi, I’m trying to add eyes and a mouth to a character with bones but am having difficulty moving the eyes around their sockets (the eyes are attached to the skin group as a layer objects so they are part of the 'head bone’s skin group - if that makes sense).

What is the best way of adding eyes and a mouth (essentially non-bone moving parts) to a skeleton character? Must you assign bones to the eyes and mouth for this to work?

Many thanks


In general you should only use the bones feature if you are animating using bitmap images. Since use of bitmaps and bones comes with an overhead on graphics resources it makes more sense to construct a puppet using the pegs hierarchy in situations where bones are not specifically needed.For the eyes and mouth, you may want to add a separate structure that overlays on top of the head perhaps getting its parent peg information from the peg controlling the head.