adding more than one effect to a single layer?

is there any way i could add more than one effect to a single layer? for example tone and highlight or tone highlight and glow?

if this has been discussed before, i would be thankful if you could redirect me to the topic…

yes, are you using pro or standard?

In Standard you simply just drag the extra layers in.

if you are using pro check out the most tutorials on my youtube channel.

hey thanks for the reply, am using standard. could you please elaborate?
how would that work for an effect with a mask like highlight or tone? for instance, i have one layer where the character is facing a fixed light source, there would be a highlated side that’s closer to the light source and then an opposite darker toned side.

thanks again…

thanks, will try that :slight_smile:

It would look something like this…

--------Mask Drawing
-------------Mask Drawing