Adding more points on a deformation Editor

I love derofmation eitors, but I want to animation a long tail.

And my options are multiply straight bones (which would make it look weird), or two points on a bezier curve(which is my best option).

But I want to add more or initially have more points. A bezier curve on the two ends is not enough.


i’m kind of confused with this

a curve deform can have more than 2 points

When you create the initial curve, you can create as many control points as you want, as far as I can can tell.

With which command or short cuts?

after dragging out the second point, you just drag out a 3rd and so on

if you can’t, then there may be something wrong with your version of harmony

Right. Seems like they would have mentioned in a tutorial or in the manual that you can add many junction points using a curve deformer (maybe they did :open_mouth: ).

I just used four on a long crooked cartoon leg and they all connected perfectly. Just remember when you reopen Harmony you may not see the deformers at first for some reason, so you have to click on one of the deformation tools to trigger them into appearing.