adding more body part views

I’ve created my 2 characters (both of which have various hands, eyes, mouths etc) and saved the 5 main views as templates.

However, now that I’ve started animating the characters I’ve realised I need some additional hand poses. I’m sure I heard in one of the tutorials that you can easily add more body part drawings as and when you need them, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to do that.

I couldn’t find any help in the user guide or anything similar in the forum.

Thanks for the help!

For do it, go to edit the view template and then, in the hand layer, open the right timeline bracket and draw directly on the first empty cell (the pivot go to default position for new drawings). Finally close the right bracket to the original position.
Other way, you can extend the layer exposure (F5) and selecting the sixth frame exposed, duplicate it one or more times (in the timeline tools bar press the second button) this create new drawings with the same content and pivot position, you can now modify partialy or delete and redraw others hand poses and retain the original pivot position. If you close the bracket to the original template exposure, all new drawings you created are contained in the layer but not exposed and will be possible swapping them later for use. Rename the new drawings consistently. Regards.


Awesome! Thanks guys!! :slight_smile:

Exactly. First get the Right to Modify the folder in the Library. Then do an Edit Template. Add the drawings in. Make sure the pivot points are copied from previous hand drawings so that they swap in correctly.

Then if you need to get the new drawings into another scene file, you can drag and drop the template back on top of the original character to have it add drawing files that don’t exist. Or you can make another template of just the hands and drag and drop the new hands onto the hand layer itself with “always create drawings”