Adding Modules to the Network NOT WORKING Tutorial that works correctly

Okay, I have followed the TB Tutorials Quick tip #3 Adding effects.

And not matter what I do they do not show up in the a rendering of the animation???

I attempted a simple glow, then a simple Blur-Radial AND NOTHING! It worked fine when I had simple animate, Have Pro and nothing works correctly in this program.

Module lines are all placed correctly, have Render View on, and nothing even when rendered out, NOTHING!

I am truly frustrated.

Any step by steps that are up to date and get straight to the point would be great!

can you make a screen shot of your network view

I had to completely reinstall TB, for some odd reason the whole program was starting to act odd, even attempting to quit the program it would just sit there.

The pencil tool when you drew a line the line would just disappear, even after a restart of the mac it would still have odd issues so I deleted the .plist, and app support and still had odd issues, so uninstalled the program and restarted and so far so good.