adding layers to Drawing View Light Table?

so when I toggle the Light Table on in the Drawing View, I get everything in my Camera in there. I’ve tried hiding layers in the Network but that doesnt seem to help. Im doing traditional animation and its helpful to work in the Drawing View, and it would be nice to show the roughs under while I work on a clean layer on top.

In the drawing preferences you can select all layers for onion skinning. You might try toggling that. It sounds like a strange situation, though. If a layer’s visibility is unchecked in the timeline - I think it should be ‘off’. If you’re doing something other than using the timeline checkbox, try that. Keep in mind that the drawing module will not maintain the registration (for other layers) used in the camera module. The drawing module seems to only recognize default size and positions of other layers.

Ok so i was disabling character’s main groups in the network…which is not the same as hiding them in the timeline which is odd and frustrating. when i hide them in the timeline they dissappear from the Light Table in the Drawing view. strangely enough thre are three or four layers that are still giving me trouble. despite hiding them on the timeline they are still appearing in the Light Table…

thanks for the heads up about the registration but that’s all good. pegs are in effect :slight_smile:

…aaand i just figured it out. i had three old layers of rough animation that has been discarded but i wanted to keep around just in case. these three layers were floating in the network not connected to anything. i thought that since it wasn’t connected to anything they simply wouldn’t show.

so my issue seems to have stemmed from an odd inconsistency between hiding the main character groups in the network with hiding them in the timeline, and a few layers that i had floating around in th network.

issue solved!