adding keyframes at start modifies the last keyframe


this is a repetitive error:
you have some keyframes in a layer…
the last eyframe and movements are affected when inserted empty keyframes in the begining of the layer… :o

you have 1 layer that starts with a keyframe that has text in frame 12, with movement in the next frames and also some keyframes in that layer.

then goto frame 1
add keyframes at the start , insert 10 keyframes in frame 1.
copy frame and keyframe from frame 12 to the 1
just play play…
there is an error in the LAST keyframe (which should not happen because the layer has several keyframes in betweeen). the last text position is not moving now or moves at different direction and speed.

so, inserting empty keyframes at the begining of a layer affects the last keyframe of that layer…

the same happens if you insert eyframes in frame 12 for all layers pegs and cameras, insert keyframes before and then copy that framesfrom position 12 to frame 1… the last frames from position 200 are affectet…

thans a lot


it seems that the problem is adding frames (at the start, before selection,etc).

a work around is extending the screne length (number of frames= current + 10) .then select all layers , and drag those layers 10 frames to the right… :wink:
using extending scene length makes that the animation is not affected.

but addinng frames at the start has a result is so different, because using add frames at the start modifies the movement previous to the last keyframe of the layers… :-[


When you add frames at the beginning, what it should do is simply shift everything over to the right (including keyframes and drawings). Is this not the result that you’re getting?

To troubleshoot your problem it might be best if you can send a scene file directly to support,

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,

no the result that I am getting there is that the last keyframe gets modified.
for example you have kayframes A,B,C,D,E on a layer and I insert a frame before A…
so the result should be: new, A,B, C, D, E… with a,b,c,d,e intact
and the result is that E is modified.

When I try that here on my end I do not have the same problem. It works fine for me. What software exactly are you using? Animate 1 or 2? Animate Pro 1 or 2? I just want to make sure that I’m testing the same software.

Once again, feel free to email your file to support for testing.

Toon Boom Support

Hi Lilly,
well, that is a constant error in different scenes, so I guess I have that scenes where the error appears in animate pro 2.

the problem is that uploading all the files where I am having all that different errors in animate pro it will take some days to upload the files, some gb some files.
when is not one error… is another error…
In a topic someone mentioned about connecting to this machine. is it posible?what do I have to do?

thanks a lot

If you email, then they should be able to set up a remote session with your machine. They will direct you what to do when you email them.

Toon Boom Support