Adding frames disrupts film


When I use the ‘Add frames after selection’ command, I have a similar problem I have with ‘Add frames at beginning’.
The movie gets disrupted. I mean in random ways. Pegs go out of order, frames do not line up anymore… disaster.

I told Support about the first problem, the ‘add frames at beginning’ one months ago. They acknowledged it, said they would get back to me. Never heard from them again.

Now this new thing.
I simply cannot add frames to the movie without damaging it, unless I use the frame-by-frame method (adding them with the + key), which although is no good if you have added sound, as it doesn’t move the sound layers.

Big problem, really big one, this.


Can you send the scene file to so they can test with it? I’ve heard of this problem before but never experienced it myself, so it will help us to diagnose the issue if we have a test case that we can tear apart.