Adding frames and moving sounds: how?


I just added a few extra seconds to a film.
I also have quite a few layers of soundtrack and effects, and when I add the extra frames all the sound from there on is obviously out of sync.
I want to slide the sounds forward until they are in sync again, as a block, like one can do with the frames of Drawing layers, basically add frames until they all fall into the right position.
I can’t find a way to do this, but I guess it must be possible.



It works on me. Just block the range of the sound while holding the Shift key on sound layer in Time Line and then move the block where you want to move that should work.

hi juho

yes, I know I can select and move sounds.
But can I add frames so that the sounds mode ahead at the same time?
That is, can I select a row of frames vertically including the sound levels and then press “+” to add frames while moving the sounds?
It doesn’t work here.
Only the drawing layers move, and then I have to move the sounds later.

thank you,

hi Lilly

yes! Great, works perfectly.

I was using the ‘+’ command to add single frames, as I do with drawing layers, and in fact it doesn’t work that way.
But this solves it.

Thank you!

I would like to note that (if I’m not wrong) the opposite command, which would be “Erase xx muber of frames from the scene” is not available.

So if you want to subtract, say, 50 frames without disrupting your whole sound sync, you simply can’t. At least to my knowledge.
You have to go clicking 50 minus keys, erasing frame by frame, and then rearrange all the sound layers. A really long and risky process.

Other point: when you add frames with the ‘Add frames after’ or ‘before’ command, you get an empty gap. What if I want to add frames simply prolonging the frame exposure? I can’t see how to do this.

Am I correct? If I’m wrong please tell me because I need to do this operation.

thank you,

Hi Josh,

I just tried to make a selection (including the sound layers) and then I did a Scene > Frame > Add frames before selection, and it moved both the sound layers and the drawings.


There’s no way to have it automatically fill the gap with exposure, but you can just select the last empty space on all your drawing layers and hit F5 to extend exposure.

There is also a “Remove Selected Frames” command, which does shift the sound as well.