Adding Flash Preloader

I’m pretty new to ToonBoom and Flash. I want to add a preloader in ToonBoom and I downloaded a few presets. Can I just import these and add them as as scene 1? Any other advice on preloaders in ToonBoom? Thanks very much.

PS Here’s one of the first cartoons I did in toonBoom:

A very funny cartoon. I didn’t win the contest, darn.

As a general rule, any time you need to use Action Script you will want to import your TBS animation work into Flash.

Pre-loaders normally require Action Script so my suggestion is to create and finish all your animation in Toon Boom Studio and then using the TBSi importer move that animation work into Flash and then add your Pre-loader and any other interactivity such as a replay button at the end of the animation etc.

To learn more about the importer click HERE. I hope this is helpful. The TBSi importer plug in works great with Flash and it is really easy to use and comes with a great tutorial to help you learn its features. -JK