Adding Ease In and Out on a drawing layer? Harmony11

With Harmony 10 I remember being able to adjust the velocity to an object on a drawing layer. Now with Harmony 11 I don’t seem to have that option anymore. The only way now is to animate it on a peg, which for simple move is cumbersome. Especially when I remember doing it before.
Any ideas would help.

I don’t have Harmony but this is from the User Guide:

“The Velocity must be adjusted directly on the function curve in the Function view or Function editor. When a keyframe is selected, easing values appear in the right handle and left handle fields, as well as Bezier handle or Ease wheel controls on each selected keyframe. Pull on them to adjust the ease in and ease out, or type values in the fields. You can reshape the velocity function using Bezier controls. You can also reshape the velocity function using Ease controls.”

Adjusting Ease can be done within the Layer Properties window with a Morph at least:

if you want adjust the velocity on a drawing layer, the drawing layer or peg need “3D Path” option(layer properties).
and press F6 key to insert keyframe,
then click “Plus” button left side the drawing name in timeline view, and double click “Positon: Velocity”, you can adjust the velocity!
try it and good luck!