Adding drawings to multiple templates?

Hi there,

I have a cut out character which needs many new replacement drawings, but I am wondering about the best way to go about this.

The master template timeline includes all current drawings, and all 5 views of the character (front, side, back, 3Q & 3Q-back). I have also made separated templates for each individual view, each cut down to just one frame… My question is (eventually…):

If I add new drawings to the master template, do I need to create new individual view templates every time, or do they magically update?! It would be great to hear from anyone with experience of what I imagine is quite a common occurrence…

Many thanks!


i think edit your master really a good way as well.

You could make templates of those body parts you have new drawings for and update those as needed. For example, create a hand template that you regularly update with the new hand drawings, or a mouth template. These need to have the same timeline structure as your character’s master template though, so you can drop them into your timeline.

You need to edit your master template by using the “Edit Template” feature.
Also edit the separate view templates to add the new replacement drawings.
This way the new drawings will be available for new projects from both the master and the view templates.