Adding drawings to a deformation rig

Is there a way to add drawings to a rig after you’ve animated? I have a snake-like character which I animated, thinking I’d be able to swap heads and expressions later, but when I swap in the drawings the deformations are not applied. I’m sure I’m missing something simple but I can’t seem to find it in the docs.

All I had to do was rename the new drawing to fit. The old one was “1” so each new one is just “1+1” “1+2” etc, hope this helps someone else.

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This is the second post i have read in last 5 minutes where the poster has posted the solution to their own problem, i’m loving the self help ethos :smiley: hehe

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To qualify the statement, this is for adding drawings contained in another element layer. If you simple wanted to switch drawings for a frame in the timeline with another drawing in the same layer, you would use the Drawinfg Substitution slider in the Library window.