Adding constraints to a 360 rig changes pivot point

Hi guys,

Someone please help lol. I have been stuck on this for months…basically as soon as I add constraints to a rig, the pivot point location changes (as seen in the screenshots). Same thing happens when I add deformers to a drawing…and I have tried copy and pasting the drawing nodes and connecting them to their pegs but that won’t work for the constraints.

I have enabled ‘embed to parent peg’ on each of the drawing nodes.

Someone save meee thanks so much in advance !

Are you on the latest release of Harmony 21.0.1? Check under Harmony Help menu, then click about. This will tell you your version and build.

You have 3 screenshots showing different peg pivots, where were they before? How did you set the peg pivots, you can always reposition them.

Are your Harmony Preferences setup for rigging?

One last thing, it is best not to use (L)eft (R)ight in your naming. The leg you are working on is the LEFT, not right! Use (A) (B) or (F)ront (B)ack for using flipping methods.