Adding color to rough animation

I’d like to leaving my animation drawings rough, but still finish the shots in color. How would I go about coloring the art when the character’s shapes aren’t closed with a single line? Do I have to make new layer under the character that is just the solid shapes of color?

Hi, chrisbailey.
You can do it.
You don’t need to create a new layer, because each drawing in the layer itself has four ‘arts’: Overlay-Art, Line-Art, Colour-Art, Underlay-Art
You just need to draw lines in Line Art, then press the L key on the keyboard to switch to Colour Art, and then press Shift+8 ‘Generate invisible line from Line-Art’ for coloring. If the line is unclosed, you can press Shift+8, then press Alt+C to use the Close Gap tool to manually Close the Gap.
and Shift+F10 Close Gap Interactive Tool.

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