Adding cameras to a scene

I’m new to Toon Boom so I am running into a few problems. The one that is important is activating a second camera in a scene. In the handbook it states that in Windows there is “Camera List drop list on the scene view toolbar”.
I am using Mac OSX and cannot find anyting that will allow me to see what my second camera is viewing.
I am assuming that you can move back and forth between cameras and set up these edits in the timeline?
Thanks for your help.

you can set up a camera (add new camera element in the timeline) and switch the camera views in the pulldown menu (v3.0 or v3.5?), but you can only use one camera in the current scene. you can’t switch the cameras to record their different shots into one scene.
not yet :wink:

If you are on the Mac this feature is not apparent so you will have to go to customize your tool bar and find the pulldown or button and drag it up to your top control bar. There are some other neat new buttons available to be added so don’t forget to look thru the choices when you are customizing. For example the onion skinning toggle button is an absolute must add for Mac users. -JK

The customized toolbar did the trick. :smiley: