adding camaras...again

Hi people.
I like to know how can i use more than one camara in TBS. I can’t figure out how can i change one camara to another, can you help me please?

i know there’s a similar question to use multiple camaras but i don’t understand everything they’re saying and the other reason is that the question was published long time a go and i suppose that i have more possibilities to have replies to a question that was published recently.

please help! thanks anyway

If you like, here is a short video demonstration:
(no sound, it’s all fairly simple and self-explanatory)


Thabks Nolan for the reply, But that’s not all what i want to know. I need to know how can i see multiple camaras when i export the movie. 'Cause it’s doesn’t matter how many camaras i create, i only see one… the default one.

If you know this, please tell me. Many thanks anyway

Well, either create different Scenes with different Camera-moves or -positions…
(in the Scene Manager reorder your Scenes if necessary)
Then export the full movie…

Or export each time with different Cameras at full- or chosen frame-range…
and use your video-editor to put them together…


Well, that’s a good solution using secenes. But i find very silly working by this way, instead of using multiple camaras in one scene. This is a software problem, i hope in future version this problem will solve.

Anyway, thanks Nolan for you replies. Salutes!