adding bones or deformer to multiple pegs

while the title leads to a basic concept of adding a bone or deformer structure over multiple drawings that all have pegs; how would i add one to multiple drawings that come from two separate pegs but then lead into one composite?

for example:

the upper and lower torso go from one peg controlling entire upper body. but the suits features and collar come from another peg (controlling the suits features, collar and characters neck) that is stemmed from the same peg that controls the entire upper body. also from the master upper body peg the neck and arms stem out into their own tree tiers. the torso (being upper and lower), suit features and collar all lead into the same composite. my trouble is that when i highlight the four (upper and lower torso, features, and collar) and begin to make a deformer it only highlights one of the mentioned drawings, typically the one i click on first. is there something i am missing? or am i not using the right tools?

Each deformer needs a specific drawing node that is the “boss”.
So you can make a deformer on the torso, and then move the completed defomer to control any number of things. It doesn’t even need to control the torso itself, but it will always reference the drawing substitution from the torso to figure out which transformation setting it is supposed to be using.

If you don’t want any of your drawings to be the controller, you can always make a blank “controller” drawing, that only acts as a deformer boss. It needs at least 1 drawing substitution, but it can be blank.