Adding a texture overlay to animation

Hi there forum, I’m wanting to add a texture to a character in AnimatePro but am trying to do something different than adding the textures via color swatches from my pallette. What I want to do is lay my (subtle) texture over an already painted character and then track it as the character flies around (this is animated tradigitally, not as a cut-out). I’ve used a similar process in the past with a gradient by using the cutter module, but I’m not sure how to make the texture transparent so I can see the colors underneath. Any thoughts?

One possible solution might be to create a duplicate layer of your animation once your done animating. Then use that duplicate layer as the source for a mask that basically masks a full scene texture. After you create the mask then set the masked texture layer’s transfer mode to overlay, multiply, etc.

This could also be done in After Effects by this method but Animate Pro would let you stay within one program.

I’m definitely not a pro in Animate Pro, but this seems very do-able.

good luck

Thanks Matthew, that sounds like just the thing. I’ve figured out how to do the first part making the mask but I can’t find where to set the transfer mode? That is exactly what I’m trying to do, at least I know it’s buried in here somewhere…

use the same process that worked for you but add a transparancy module to the chain.

In order to get the transfer mode use a BLENDING module between the masked Drawing module and the Composite module. The BLENDING module has a setting for SWF. Set the SWF blend mode to Overlay. This mode basically darkens and lightens the further away you get from 50% grey.

One thing I noticed when re-reading your original post is that you want to “pin” the texture to the character. The technique i suggest will only mask a texture onto the character. Unless both the character and the texture are animated with a common peg, it will appear that the character is moving through the texture as he/she moves about. In other words, because the texture is static and your character is moving there will be a potential parallax or stencil-like effect.

Hope this helps

Ah, I see - thanks Matthew! I suppose this is where I have to out myself as a closet Harmony user - this appears to be one of the few differences between Harmony and animate Pro, there’s no Blending module (so far!) There’s something called Colour Operation under the Composite-Generic module but I can’t get it to do anything (I assume it only wants to apply multiplies, etc. to vector images). I figured out another workaround by making my texture 70% transparent in Photoshop and then making an alpha for it (saved as a TGA4). Once I made the mask, using the method you suggested, I hooked it to a peg and tracked the texture to each frame - probably simpler than it sounds! Worked pretty well, thanks again - sorry for posing as an AP-er, i just find this forum to be infinitely helpful with software this deep!

Thanks Lilly! I know this isn’t the Harmony forum (oh, if there were such a thing!) but I’ve dug around everywhere and have not found a Blending module and I am running 7.8.1. Maybe it’s called something else but I’ve not found it - I assume that it will be part of the new release (which I can’t wait to get my hands on), but my makeshift solution seems to have worked for now. Thanks again Lilly, Matthew, and Raider!

There is a Blending module in Harmony 7.8.1, so you should have access to that unless you’re on quite an old version of Harmony. You can contact your sales representative to find out about that.

Also regarding tracking the image layer to the character, you can just make your image layer a child of your character, then apply the transparency or blending or whatever have you.