Adding a stroke to your character?

Is there a way to do that? A stroke like photoshop?

I have a character all rigged, and ready to go, and I was wondering if I could add a stroke to all of it, by just having the stroke on the master peg (whether it be a peg, or a drawing object that I named PEG). Just have a thick black outline that covers the whole character.

Please let me know!


this post is old, but i just saw it and have the perfect solution…so just in case it still is of some use to the op or anyone else →

there is a plugin called “bubble shadow” which can be used to do exactly what you asked. add a stroke around your drawing. indeed this plugin was the main reason i bought animate pro when it first came out as is need this feature every day. the plugin is part of one of the fx packs for animate pro.

they are rather well hidden…i had to search the site a bit :slight_smile:
here is the link:

imho it`s far superior to using the matte resize node as it creates a perfectly clean and sharp edge. but it also has some drawbacks, especially if you need a multicolored stroke (not directly possible) for example. and there are some layering issues if you use it on pass-through-composite nodes.

anyway, i hope this helps :slight_smile:

If you’re working with Animate Pro, then there’s the very handy Matte Resize effect that should do the trick.