adding a second camera


i am working on animete pro 2 in complex scene (for me).
The scene is build on 3d, and the background is a theatre and i ahve many characters that cames on the stage and goes.
And the problem is that is quite long shot (2000 frames), so i would like to use as a tv, 2 camera, one with the view of all the scene and one for the cloese up, in animate i saw that i can add a second camera but how does it work to split from a camera to another?
Is it possible?
Or i should make a shot with 1 type of camera and another with more close view and edit?
thank u


You can add 2 cameras in your scene.
You cannot see both cameras at the same time.
You need to see one or the other.

To switch preview between your 2 cameras, you need to go to the top menu and select : Scene > Camera and from the drop-down menu, select the camera you want to see.

Next, you will have to render your scene with one camera and then re-render it again using the second camera. Now, once your do your final editing in a third-party software, you can use the pieces you want from both renders and alternate them.

Does it make any sense?



is there any free software for mac to edit the 2 scene?
i’ve expirience with final cut but is not free…

another question…
in my scene i aheve problem with the build on 3d, in particular i have draw 2 acoustic speaker, for each speaker i have 4 layer and is complex for me to group and made a unit-real 3d object.
In my case are 4 layer that are in tourch each other there is a way to fix-group or to snap and connect each object?

Last question…
in these scene…there are many character, and in the network view there is quite a nightmare, should i group every character on a peg, to have a clean vision and later add some effect or shadow to each character?..and how can i do it?

big thanks


Well, there is something else you could do if you happen to have QuickTime Pro.
You can render the frame range you want from either camera and then assemble them by throwing them together in QuickTime Pro.

Another work around is that once you have your different clips rendered from both your camera, you can bring them back in a new Animate Pro scene and re-render that scene.

As for grouping your elements, I highly suggest indeed to group and organize your network.

I suggest you to use the command: Group Selection With Composite
Inside your new group, change your Composite type to Pass Through to make sure your composition does not get flatten until the very end.

I suggest you to read check out the following section in the User Guide:
- Chapter 11: Setting Up the Scene Setting Up the Network (PRO) page 503
- Chapter 11: Setting Up the Scene Setting Up the Network (PRO) > Modules: Grouping (PRO) on page 110

For the 3D element, I tend to make a Symbol out of them. Makes the scene heavier, but I find it easier to work with.

There is no meshing or snapping of the layers in Animate Pro. You have to position the elements as best as you can. A good trick to be precise is to use the Layer Properties where you can type precise values.

There is more info about setting up 3d elements in :
Chapter 12 Working in a True 3D Space (PRO)

Let me know if it is useful.


I just made a little video on workflow with network view in my youtube channel :smiley:


Marie-Eve , Lilly and everybody…

i have still some problem…
as u told me mary-eve i been able to group the charatcrer with the function…
group with composte…
and after that i put the Pass Through and everything was connected in the right ,mode…
but after that…i had try to put some effect from the module library…
i saw TheRaider clip on youtube…
but they works only if i add for example a tone effect to a charcter that has been grouped with composite…i am adding the layer /for the amsk and the tone effects…not inside the grouped charcter but outside…in the top of the network…
in this case…i add a layer and i add an effects but it is only in one frame…and all my character are moving around…
i would like to find the way to attacth an effect to a character-grouped and that this effetcs shoudl been locked to all the action and effetc of the caracher…
i hope that u understand hat i was trying to explain?

thank u very much again


What you are trying to do should work.
Can you post a screen shot of your network and camera view so I can see your connections?

How is your mask created, by hand or a connection pulled out of your character?

I think your mask is remaining in the same spot while your character is moving around but that is a guess.

I am sure you are very close to solving this issue. I think it is one Network cable away…


Hi Mary-Eve…

i have done 3 screenshot but i don’t know how to post in here…
can u send me e-mail that i will send u by mail from my address?..

thank u

my mail is


Ok, I sent you an email.


On Mac you can use iMovie to edit the scenes together - this is free. Otherwise you can also use Quicktime Pro, which is not free, but is not nearly as expensive as a professional suite like Final Cut.

If you want to “group” your layers together, simply attach them all to one peg, and animate off of that peg.

To clean up your network, each character should have its own composite (at the bottom) and its own master peg (at the top). Then you can group all of this into a group. If you attach the out node from the composite into the in node of whatever effect you want to do, it will apply that effect to the whole character.