Adding a scene in a Sequence creates a new sequence

Hi Guys -01Aug23-I am facing an issue while adding a new scene inside a current sequence creates a new sequence as 0 [ zero],sometimes i can join the sequence to move fwd but sometimes it dose not connect [ join ] ,the join sequence option dose not show .It is getting difficult to export with the correct naming required for the project.


Hi ! I am facing the exact same problem, and it’s a real pain.
I cannot join two sequences either…
Has anybody found the reason and a solution or a workaround for this ?
Thanks !

Hey vlimidar,
It seems this issue is in the current version ,i got a new build [ adjusted application] in which they have resolved this issue ,you can ask for the same from the support team.

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Thanks Vikarandikar ! I will try this.

My current version with the bug is : 22.0.2 (21617)